Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Cellan Central Valley College offer financial aid?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer financial aid.  However, we do offer a flexible payment plan that meets your specific financial needs.  Additional options are available and may vary depending on your financial needs. Ask our Academic Advisor or Financial Officer for more detail.

2. I am planning to purchase the textbook because I like to highlight important details. What is the name of book used in the program?

That is a great idea.There is two books required for the program:

1. Alvare, S., Fusy, J. & Rymer, S. (2013). Hartman’s nursing assistant care: Long term care and home health. 2nd Edition. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hartman Publishing Inc. Softcover: ISBN 978-1-60425-037-4 or Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-60425-040-4

2. Alvare, S., Fusy, J. & Rymer, S. (2013).Workbook- Hartman’s nursing assistant care: Long term care and home health. 2nd Edition. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hartman Publishing Inc. ISBN 978-1-60425-038-1

Both of our textbooks can be purchased brand new at the school.  The textbook can be rented for $25 dollars.  If you rent it, you will not be able to write on the textbook and will be charge $10 if done so.  The Workbook will need to purchased and will be yours to write on and keep after the program, which is worth $20.

3. My doctor cannot accommodate me to complete my physical examination before I begin my program, can I still attend the program?

Physical examination is a mandatory requirement prior to the program and upon entering the clinical rotation. We highly recommend you complete the physical examination prior to attending the program. Retrieve a copy of your "Physical examination" form from your academic officer, which is required by some physician during the appointment. However, if your physician prefers to use their own form, ensure that it details a head-to-toe assessment including a TB test resulting to negative or chest X-ray clearance (QuantiFERON blood test is also acceptable), and provide this form to your academic officer to include in your file.

5. I have an important event during the program class dates, can I miss that day and make it up?

We understand that life is unpredictable and an emergency may occur. However, if it is a planned event, it will not be considered as an excused absence. Attendance is a mandatory requirement for the program. Completion of the entire 160 hours is a mandatory requirement. However, if it is an unforeseen emergency, speak with our Administrator for approved documents to submit to make up missed hours. If your unforeseen event will consume a large amount of time missed from the program, we would suggest that you file for a "Leave of Absence". Speak with our Academic Advisors for more details.  The “Leave of Absence” is subject to approval by our Administrator.

6. I do not have an active BLS card or it is not from American Heart Association, what do I do?

You may attend a class at Cellan Central Valley College, which offers the BLS-CPR class approved by American Heart Association. For more detail regarding the BLS-CPR class, you may click here.  Call us for a live representative to answer your questions. 

Don't know which course to take? Cost? Class schedule and so forth? Don't fret, we are here to help. Read thru the following frequently asked question. 

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